Our Experience

Hiawatha HomeCare has been providing the highest quality home care since 1988.  We have grown from having one client to having served over 700 clients.  We employ over 150 professional nurses, many of whom have been with us for over 10 years.


Surrounding clients with consistent caregivers creates a healthier environment for everyone. Hiawatha HomeCare is dedicated to providing a core group of caregivers to each client. The client knows the nurses better and develops a higher level of trust in their care and the nurses are able to focus on a client’s health issues and recognize changes to their baseline more quickly. Resulting in a healthier client, both physically and emotionally, a comfortable family home, and a strong, stable care environment.  Continuity of care is a hallmark of Hiawatha HomeCare.


All of our employees are dedicated to providing quality care and superb customer service.  We understand that accepting strangers into your home is a difficult process and we are dedicated to making this experience as comfortable as possible.  We work closely with you on professional boundaries such as identifying private spaces in the house and family / staff daily interactions.  We work with you to interact with the staff in a manner that still allows your house to feel like your home.


You can have a voice in care planning and daily cares with Hiawatha HomeCare and provide input into staff selection. You can feel confident that your loved one is receiving the appropriate care from the people who work best with your family’s culture and style.  Hiawatha HomeCare is sensitive to the cultural beliefs of our clients.  We respect the customs of all people and ensure that every effort is made to adhere to clients’ guidance and direction when providing care in their homes.


We value your feedback and want to promptly address any concerns or questions you may have about the safety and quality of care you receive.


To report concerns so that they can be adequately addressed, please contact:

Kari Kuhlman, RN Administrator/Director of Clinical Services

Lisa Flynn, RN Director of Quality Management 


Training/Continuing Education

To continue our commitment to providing the highest quality home health care services, we ensure our nurses receive multiple opportunities for ongoing professional education.


Our nurses are offered opportunities routinely and screened for additional educational needs.


Because we care about our clients, we offer our nurses the tools, training, and materials that they need to provide excellent care.