Yes, it may sometimes seem like you need a megaphone to communicate with doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and us. We don’t think it should be that way. We are constantly looking for ways to improve two way communication. It’s not always easy. We know you have jobs, responsibilities outside the home, personal lives that deserve your attention, relationships that take time, energy and much more.

We are actively working I’m message to improve communication with you and this newsletter is just the beginning. 

I want to start with something we have always encouraged: know your nurse manager. Keep her phone number handy. She will coordinate and facilitate the care we provide. If you haven’t spoken with her already, give her a call.


Michael D Anderson, M.D., FAAFP Emeritus

Medical Director

Hiawatha Home Care 


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Deep Winter #4

This picture doesn’t really look like Deep Winter, but it is. There is always a thaw. It will get cold again but there is always a thaw. Always take advantage of a thaw. Regroup, refit, clean, put in order, and get rid of the trash. Enjoy the relative warmth and don’t fret about the cold to come. You can’t control that; just do the best with the warmth you have. Life is like that.

Creative commons photo                                                  –Dr. Acreative commons 2

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Deep Winter #3

This is a picture of a very long bridge. It’s a foot bridge meaning, of course, that you have to get across it by your own effort, whether by walking, running, skiing, biking or something else. At the beginning, there is a long uphill but if you discipline  yourself to make the crossing, the last stretch is an easy downhill. It’s like this going either direction and the view during the trip is spectacular. Life is a lot like that.

Picture by iPad 2                                                           –Dr. AiPad 2

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Deep Winter #2

Things are not entirely frozen, even in winter. There is always movement of some kind. Just a slight difference in temperature changes the nature of………..nature. Changes can occur, do occur, but they all start with just a small amount of extra energy in; sunlight or warmth from some other source. You can be that source.

Creative commons photo                                                                        Dr. Acreative commons

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Deep Winter # 1

This past weekend I was snowshoeing in the Cannon River bottoms near Red Wing. sometimes, when the winter seems long, the thing to do is to head deeper into it. You know, face into the wind, go for a walk, push on through. At first it gets colder and you question the wisdom of your plan, then just a few steps later, its not so bad. You look around an know you are just fine. After a bit you head back to the warmth of somewhere and enjoy the hot chocolate. It’s the same in life. You can do this.

Photo by Steve Aitchinson


Steve aitchkinson

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Valentine’s Day

CokkiesI baked and decorated all these cookies to honor the great nurses who make Hiawatha what it is. Then I ate them. –Dr. A

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In the Soup


Sometimes you feel like you are really in the soup. There is a lot  going in the client/nurse relationship, there are hot issues regarding scheduling and then there is always that one individual who’s dumping a big spoonful of sour cream in the center of everything. Hey, you can handle the whole hot mess. Yes you can!  Call your nurse manager for advice or maybe stop in for a bowl of delicious borscht. (See illustration above.) –Dr. A

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It Could Be Worse

Sea Cloud I know that heading out to see a client in the freezing cold of winter, day and even night, isn’t our favorite thing to do but it could be worse. How would you like to be driving into Duluth and see this coming at you? Actually, it’s not so bad. It’s a “sea cloud” coming off the (relatively) warm water of Lake Superior and mixing with the arctic winter air. No supernatural cause 😉  Honest.Travel safe out there.

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Toward a Better 2016!

I’ve had some trouble logging on but figured it out. Over 2015 my computer accumulated too much useless junk meaning various websites had secretly installed hundred of “cookies” I don’t need. If your inner self has accumulated too much junk or too many cookies, just delete and move on to a brand new year. Delete Cookies

Happy New Year from Dr. A!

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“Seasons of Gray”

House Calls 11415

What a beautiful time of year we just passed

through. The picture above is from Midwest Living,

a magazine with which Hiawatha HomeCare has no

afiliation other than an appreciation for their

wonderful seasonal photography!

We are now into the “Season of Gray,” otherwise

known as November. I think of November as break

time, to do psychological preparation for winter and

to disconnect the garden hose so the pipes just

inside the wall don’t freeze and split open.

Its also the influenza season and I gently remind you

again to be immunized. Immunization protects not

only you but those around you. For Hiawatha

caregivers, that means vulnerable and sometimes

very fragile patients. Please do your part. For patient

family members, do your part, too! When you

protect yourself, you protect your loved ones.

If you are a caregiver of a family member or friend,

now is the time to plan ahead for activities essential

to safe living. How is the snow going to get

shoveled? What about ice removal? Will groceries or

meals be delivered? Who takes out the garbage and

cleans the house? Start working on that today.

That’s all I have today. Now go rake the leaves; its

good exercise!

~ Dr. A

House Calls 11415.1

Libero purus sodales mauris, eu

vehicula lectus velit nec velit.



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